Web Concentrate

Hutman + Web Concentrate

We're excited to announce we're joining forces with our friends at Web Concentrate. While that may sound like a big change, what it really means is that we're shuffling responsibilities a bit and expanding our offerings.

For Web Concentrate Clients

Welcome! We look forward to keeping everything running smoothly as always. Rest assured that we're committed to keeping the same great service you've had over the years. Feel free to give us a call if you'd like to get to know the new team or discuss your website.

For Hutman Clients

Dan Letsche will be joining our team. Dan has many years of experience with various CMS tools and is an expert in front end development. We've collaborated on many projects over the years, and he'll be bringing his considerable talent to our team. We're looking forward to expanding our services and capacity.


Feel free to reach out to:

Robert Radtke

Travis Rhoades
Web Concentrate
Partner | Project Manager