Email Migration

Email Migration

System Changes

In July 2021 we will be migrating mailboxes from our legacy mail system ( to a new hosted email platform. This will allow greater scalability and improved spam filtering for existing mail users. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact use at 612.843.1400 or

Mailbox Migration Timing

During the month of July we will migrate users by domain to the new mail hosting system. Mailboxes migrations will be triggered in a sequence to allow us to monitor and correct any issues that may arise. Any unused mailboxes will not be migrated and will be archived to allow manual recovery if necessary. You'll receive a message when your mailbox starts it's migration and another when the update is complete.

Each mail user will have their mailboxes copied to the new system for IMAP users only. POP3 users should have all of their mail stored locally and will require no message copying. While messages are being copied to the new system, new messages will be queued and delivered when the mailbox migration is complete.

Changes to mail settings

Existing mail software should require no changes to their settings. We will be keeping same hostname and username/passwords for mailboxes on the new system.

Password changes

If passwords are changed during the mail migration you may need to request a manual password update depending on the timing of the change. You'll receive an email when your migration begins. If you have any password issues or mail doesn't seem to be coming in as expected please give us a call.