Heuristic Evaluations: What and Why?

Our friends at Crux Collaborative have started a podcast - listen to their first episode. It's pretty great. http://cruxcollaborative.com/the-crux-of-it-podcast-episode-001-heuristic-evaluations-what-and-why/

Wireframing Considerations

Wireframing is both creative and technical - here are some good guidelines for capturing everything you need in your wireframes. https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2016/11/wireframe-perfectionist-guide/

Learning new things

Kind of feel like this starting any new project on an unfamiliar platform Learning Javascript in 2016

What software engineers really mean

Software Engineer Cheat Sheet - we won't admit to ever saying any of these things ;)

Keep people formost in mind when figuring out your UX puzzles

UX Principles - thanks Clockwork for some wize words. It's easy to get wound up in business rules and forget about the people interacting with the things we build. Check out UX Axioms

Wrangling Content

Getting content together for a site can be a daunting task - https://gathercontent.com/home looks like a pretty cool tool to organize all the things

Sometimes a CMS is overkill

We build a lot of CMS websites - but sometimes you don't have the staff to maintain content or just don't need that level of flexibility. Going old school with a static site or a static generated site using a tool like Sculpin or Hexo makes sense. http://blog.teamtreehouse.com/getting-started-static-sites

Website award for 5 by 5 Design

We partnered with 5 by 5 Design to make this award winning site! GDUSA Website Award

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