Bulk importing WordPress users with custom fields

We recently needed to import about 150 users into a fresh WordPress site. We found a great plugin to do the import but there was a hurdle we had to overcome because our users have a custom meta field for the users' company. Click through to see how we got past the hurdle.

Vue + Concrete5

We've been using Vue for a lot of front end work lately. Here's a c5 package with some vue components for using the c5 file picker, user manager and page picker within your vue apps. https://github.com/hutman/c5_vuetools

Hutman Ads updated for Concrete5 v8

We finally have our ad package updated for the current release of Concrete5 - check out Hutman Ads

concrete5 file permisisons

Nathan just posted a gist with some nice code examples for managing a file storage location and permissions on a file object in c5 v8. We are working on a project where we want to store documents in a secured location (outside of the web root) and programatically set permissions on the file objects to prevent unauthorized access. This is doing the job nicely!

Some solid non-technical reasons we love Vue

"But finding that sweet spot when it’s engineered well enough and also solves business needs can be difficult. And somehow Vue helped me get there faster than anything else could." https://codeburst.io/non-technical-reasons-why-i-like-vue-7c06bac4651a

A lot goes into building a website

A lot of skills and tools go into making a great website. We put together a little interactive guide to all of the moving parts.

Heuristic Evaluations: What and Why?

Our friends at Crux Collaborative have started a podcast - listen to their first episode. It's pretty great. http://cruxcollaborative.com/the-crux-of-it-podcast-episode-001-heuristic-evaluations-what-and-why/

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